logo-borghi-bluApricaleandthe Olive Tree: a millennia-old tradition.TheApricalese countrysideis covered withextensive olive groves of the cultivar Taggiasca – a variety almost exclusively produced in the provinceof Imperia.From itsolives,you get anexcellentextra-virgin olive oil which is golden in colour, hazy, with a sweet fruity flavourand full-bodiedwithvelvety aftertasteof almond and a maximum acidityof less than 0.5%. This is the extra-virginolive of the Pisano family.The production area is less than 300hectaresand the qualityof the Apricalese product means Apricaleis partof the Association of Olive Oil Towns (Associazione delle Città dell’olio).

The harvest takes placein the winter months. With the ancient techniqueof ‘beating-down’ you hit thebranches witha long polemade ​​of softwood, dropping ripe fruitonto canvasses or nets previouslystretched outon the terracesin advance. Then the olives are collected andcleaned, measured using thedoubledecalitre, or ‘quarta’(12.5 kg) and then decantedintobagsof50 kgcapacity or crates of 25kg and sent to themill.

Into the large circular container of the traditional mills are loaded 20 ‘quarta’ (250 kg) of olives. Two twin millstones of rotating stone reduce the olives to a paste which is then subjected to pressure, making the so-called stem juice ‘mosto’ or oil from the first pressing. In addition, we are pleased to offer our guests, extra-virgin olive oil of our own production. In the local shops, you will find local products, from wine to olive oil, of unmatched quality.